Terms and Conditions

The following conditions apply to all visitors on this website. See below;

Latest updated: November 28, 2016

General website

  1. All materials and photographs contained within this website are the copyright of David Roberts and may not be printed or distributed in any way without prior written constent from David Roberts or his representatives.
  2. Artists, please note it is illegal under international copyright law to use this work as reference without our permission and a commercial agreement. Please do not be one of the many arts who have found this out the hard way, we will always pursue this to the letter of the law no matter what the circumstances. There will be no discussion about this and apologies after use are not accepted by us or the court. If in doubt, ask!
  3. In any dispute the decision of David Roberts will be final and no discussion will be entered into.
  4. We all make typing mistakes so we apologise in advance for any gramatical mistakes anywhere on this website. You can sooth your dictory hunger by getting in touch.

Purchasing T&C

  1. All inquiries for purchasing photos are to be and remain private. You should use the designated forms on the individual pages for your chosen photo, and inquire regarding prices.
  2. Any photos purchased, shall not be resold.
  3. Any photos purchased in digital format, shall not be manipulated. However, cropping and/or resizing to suit your needs is allowed.
  4. Any photos purchased in print format, whether framed or not, shall not be sold anywhere online. Doing so is a breach of these conditions.
  5. If any purchase of a photo is planned to be used in promotional material, for online or offline use, you should send final artworks in high-res digital format to David Roberts. David Roberts reserves the right to use these for recognition, news or press.